The Launch of AutoFarming

Feeder Finance has launched its AutoStaking products, single asset deposits yield-optimizer and aggregator, for close to three months now. At the moment, Feeder Finance has among the largest selection of single asset staking options on BSC with over 60 products.

However, a large portion of DeFi…

ACryptoS x Feeder Finance

Feeder Finance is happy to announce our partnership with ACryptoS and ACSI Finance.

ACryptoS (“ACS”) is among the leading yield optimizer on Binance Smart Chain with over $150 million in TVL and among the best safety records.

ACSI Finance, built by the ACS’ team, is a Balancer V2 next-generation AMM…

What’s New

Feeder Finance aims to provide as much data as possible but in such a way that does not overwhelm or confuse users. Simplicity is our goal, but it should come at a sacrifice of valuable investment data.

Thanks to our ongoing work for the AutoFarming product category, API structures were…

Week 20 of Feeder Finance


  • Last week we’ve launched Feeder Finance 2.0 — a new era for Feeder Finance as an All-in-One DeFi platform
  • We spent a couple of days optimizing to keep up with the user growth and demand following the launch
  • This week we’ve already launched the MVP…


Believing without a doubt that Decentralized Finance was going to completely revolutionize finance for billions of people who were previously excluded and taken advantage of, we asked how we can accelerate adoption and do our part to accelerate engagement and simplify DeFi for all.

Our answer is to look at…


Built on a solid foundation of community commitment and growth, the launch of our V2.0 platform will set the path towards Feeder Finance becoming the ecosystem’s DeFi platform leader. …


  • We’ve completed the design and back-end pieces of v2.0, closing in on the front-end, and will soon focus on ramping v2.0 launch products.
  • We’ve launched XVS, RABBIT, and ADA Compound last week; our near-term pipeline for MDX and BUNNY will be moved back to after the V2.0 launch
  • BUSD &…

Hello Feeders !



Feeder Finance pride itself as a project that aims to differentiate. The vision for the project was simple, Feeder Finance aims to become the gateway into DeFi by simplifying the journey. Initially, we planned to solve this with product engineering, but soon realized it only solves part of the problem.

What a day! Elon’s recent social media posts have “indeed” started a cascade.

Further worsened by the CCP’s announcement of an institutional financial services ban on cryptocurrencies, and some expert gaming by a seasoned investor of a $200MM move on XVS, which has now turned the market upside down. …

Patrick - Feeder Finance

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